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Athlete Guide

Triathlon Québec and Triathlon Canada federation rules are applicable.​


Main Rules​



  • Wetsuits will be allowed if the water temperature is 22 Celsius or less on the morning of the competition. Water-temperature will be confirmed on competition day morning.​



  • Only athletes and coaches are allowed in the transition zone.​

  • Athletes can get on their bikes only after they cross the mounting line outside the transition zone. On their return, athletes must get off their bike before crossing the demounting line prior to entering the transition zone.​



  • It is forbidden to cross the yellow midline while competing on the bike circuit.​

  • A certified and well-fitted bike helmet is mandatory for all participants.​

  • Your helmet's chin strap must be fastened before you remove your bike from the rack. Helmets must remain fastened throughout the bike course and until the bike is properly racked.​

  • All athletes are responsible for counting their bike laps.​

  • Drafting is prohibited on the bike segment.​

  • Keep your right.​

  • No passing on right side.​

  • Shirt mandatory on the bike.​


  • The bib must be worn in front during the run.​

  • All athletes must wear something to cover the chest.​

  • All athletes are responsible for counting their running laps.​



All rules are available on Triathlon Québec website (in French): Rules

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